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Let’s Go to the Movies… Again!

Hello, everyone!

I had the experience of returning to our neighboring drive-in movie theater Wednesday night, where they were double-featuring Despicable Me 2 and Monsters University. This time around, I had the pleasure of hanging out with a couple of friends I haven’t seen in a while, along with my cousin from last time, who dared to brave the bugs with me again.

Side note: Speaking of bugs, my cousin did find that rubbing dryer sheets over your skin wards off the mosquitos. Its true! We came out looking like ourselves, instead of the polka-dotted pattern we sported last time.

ImageAfter several laughs, a few tricks, and way too much food it was dark enough for the first show to begin: Despicable Me 2. Gru captured my heart all over again with his amazing accent and half-villainous half-softy personality. The girls were adorable as ever, especially little Agnes, who madeImage me laugh just as much this time around as the first one. The minions, which I adore!, are incredibly comical and actually play a bit of a bigger role in this film compared to the first.The storyline, though easily predictable as you go along, brings out the best in all the characters, even more so in Gru who we get to see as more of a fatherly figure. All in all, I highly recommend Despicable Me 2 for kids and kids-at-heart alike!

Monsters University came next after about a fifteen intermission. I Imagedon’t know if it was because I was getting pretty tired or distracted by my friends, but I didn’t enjoy MU as much as I thought I would. Like I said, it could be me. Because trust me, I really wanted to like it. But by the end, I felt like the characters were just a tad bit cheated when it came to their personalities. Sully started out as an overly Imageconfident student ¬†and Mike was a wide-eye wanna-be. To me personally, it just didn’t feel like the characters. Not throughout the entire movie, but through most of it. Despite my dislike for how the creators portrayed Sully and Mike, I did enjoy the evolvement of their friendship. Sully ends up being the huge but cuddly monster we know and love, and Mike the trusty side kick. The beginning gave a peek into Mike’s past and a good look of just how adorable he was as a youngster. The middle had its highs and lows but over-all lacked the charisma and hilarity of the first. The ending wasn’t nearly as glorious as what I imagined it would be and to me, made the whole story line rather pointless when it came down to how the two got to Monsters Inc.

Of course, all of this is just my own personal opinion and speculation. It doesn’t mean that I hated MU or that Despicable Me 2 didn’t have a few of its own flaws. I would even give Monsters University a second chance once it comes out on dvd. I just hope sharing my thoughts and feelings relating to any movie I blog about will help if you’re unsure about taking the time and money to go and see it.

-skip the next paragraph if you’re uninterested in reading about a few crazy things that happened after the movies were over… Its too hilarious not to share!-

I must say, though, before I wrap this up, that after the movies were finished and we were all packed and ready to go my car died! It was the first experience I’ve had of my car battery dying and of course we were out in the middle of a close-to-abandoned field at 3 in the morning! Long story short, we were able to find someone with jumper cables and we left to go home. The unfortunate events didn’t stop there though. My friend remembered that she left her phone so half way home we turned around and had to search the empty field for it! After successfully finding it, we left for home again. Halfway back, we forgot that my friends’ car (with all of their stuff inside) was parked at the building next to the drive in. So, we turned around yet again. But no, it didn’t just stop there. When I dropped off my friends back at their car, one of them broke their flip flop! Not that it wasn’t easily fixable, but at 3:30 am we were all slap-happy and saw it as yet another catastrophe. We all finally made it home, but of course had to finish with just one more problem… As we were unloading our things, my friend’s wheel off of her wheel chair popped off! Thankfully, it was a simple solution. Clumsy with sleepiness, it took a minute to get it popped back on. We ended up going to bed around 4 Thursday morning, and when I eventually woke up it was hard to believe that it all hadn’t been a dream!

Have you seen either movie yet? What are your thoughts and feelings about them?

Have a wonderful day and many blessings to you!