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A Walk To Remember

Hey, guys! AWTR

A few days ago I was having one of those “I need to watch a sad movie now” moments. When that particular feeling strikes, I immediately turn to one of my favorite movies ever, ‘A Walk To Remember.’

Now, for those of you who have had the misfortune of not watching it yet, I recommend it. Ok, yes, its more of a chic flick (I mean c’mon, its based off a Nicholas Sparks book…) but even if you’re not that type of person I still think you should watch it at least once in your life. It has inspired me to be a person that tries to build a loving and faithful character throughout my life.

Before I start my review on the movie, I must say that I haven’t had the opportunity to read the book yet so my opinions are solely based on the film.

AWTR3Although this came out 11 years ago and was shot in 30-some days (I believe that’s what the director said…), Mandy Moore and Shane West carry the film through with admirable acting. Mandy plays the God-fearing, sweet Jamie Sullivan who is a laughable image for fellow classmates. Shane West depicts Landon Carter, one of the ‘cool’ kids who falls into trouble and depends on Jamie’s help to get through his AWTR4punishment. The two, as an easy prediction, draw close together and fall in love.

As Nicholas Sparks tends to do, a curveball is thrown and the progression of how Landon and Jamie grow through the obstacle begins (along with the start of my waterworks). If you’ve read my previous posts, you’ll know that I love all kinds of movies.. Especially romantic ones, if done well. To me, this one blew a multitude of other romantic movies right out of the water. Because it isn’t just about the relationship.

AWTRIt focuses on a period of time in a young girl’s life where she’s made fun of, bullied, harboring a life-changing secret and yet keeps the faith. The way Jamie stays true to what she believes, including her love for God and holding on to who she is, throughout her hardships makes me wonder if I would be able to do the same. Her amazing nature and words of encouragement helps Landon grow and mature considerably and I would one day love to help change someone’s life as much as Jamie changed his. Their progress as characters through this turning point in both of their lives makes their relationship that much sweeter to me. So over all this movie is just about perfection to me. Funny, cute, sad, a dash of action for the thrill of it… Not to mention, they throw in one of my favorite Bible verses (1 Corinthians 13:4-7).AWTR2

Of course the story is fiction and the characters, made up. But I believe in taking whatever you see and hear throughout your day (be it music, movies, words of wisdom, an act of kindness..) and applying it to your own life to make you a better person. I’m not saying watching GI Joe is going to make you macho man the next day. But open your horizons and learn from important lessons, be it made up or real.

Many blessings!



Warm Bodies Warms the Heart?

Hey, everyone! Another movie to discuss for tonight!

I am not a Zombie person. I’m not into the gore or the concept behind it… Eating people? That’s just sick.

But boy, do I fall for the romance.

My zombie-loving cousin convinced me to join him in watching “Warm Bodies” tonight which I was a bit hesitant about. But I couldn’t deny the fact that I was just a tad bit interested due to the fact that there was a sensitive-protective-romantic guy as the main character… Aside from the fact that he is a zombie.

If you’re like me and prefer the tug-on-your-heartstrings kind of love over cannibalism (would it still be considered that in this case…? oh well), this movie could still be for you. If you can get past the occasional brain-eating scenes (which really aren’t too bad), then the concept of the whole storyline is actually cute.

I will admit… I was taken with the main character “R”, (portrayed by Nicholas Hault), and how deeply rooted he was to protecting and loving second main character, Julie (Teresa Palmer). As I tend to do, I became all but enamored with the sensitive male character -in this case, R- and was drawn to what he stood for.

What could a Zombie possibly stand for and represent? As cheesy as it may sound (ok, yeah it does sound pretty cheesy…) love. He fought against the odds to not only stay with Julie but to become someone again, someone he wasn’t ashamed of. I was actually reminded through this zombie-apocolypse film that much can be conquered through love, and when it comes right down to it, if you have love you have everything. Yeah… I’m all for those types of movies.

Zombie film or not, I was a goner whenever R made his intentions clear towards Julie (which actually happened a few different times, so my heart ended up melting quite a lot in the span of the full movie). I also fall for the great one-liners or witty slap-stick comedy, and Warm Bodies actually kept up a light-hearted sort of pace, amidst the occasional serious moment.

So, all in all, I’ll readily admit that I enjoyed myself while watching Warm Bodies. I’m glad I was open    enough to watch it and am actually tempted to go and buy the dvd soon.

And yes… Warm Bodies did indeed end up warming my heart.