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Don’t Wake the Dinos: Game for Children

Hey guys!

I have the pleasure of watching the cutest little guy ever at least once a week named Max. Max is three and loves surprises. For the past five months that I have been watching him, I have brought in my extremely limited supply of toys and books that I have for children his age (thankfully my mom just finished watching a young boy and so had some great things in stock for me to take!) and now that month six is approaching, there is only so much of transportation puzzle I can handle! 

Thankfully, I had a random epiphany: Do crafts and activities with him!

Unfortunately, I am NOT on the creative side. But I must say, I am rather proud of the work I put into finding and then creating a game I found on Pinterest. It was originally titled something like “Butterfly Garden”, but Max is not one for butterflies so I switched it to “Don’t Wake the Dinos.” 

Basically, cut out an array of dinosaur outlines (I did 15 of them) and lay them out across the floor. You can do rows or just lay them out randomly. On top of the dinos (or butterflies or whatever the child would most likely be interested in) you can place buttons, fuzzy craft balls, thimbles… whatever is useful or handy (I used manchala beads so no judging here haha) and then have the child tiptoe around the paper cut outs and retrieve the item you placed on top.

The goal is to not step on the cut out. If they do, start over. Or at least that’s the rules I ingeniously came up with. 

I’m excited to share this with Max tonight when I go to babysit him! I’m hoping to use this as an incentive as he’s getting ready for bed. I’ll post later whether he enjoyed the game or not!      

ImageHere’s the top of my dino game that’s spread out on my floor currently. (Don’t mind my converse shoes or my dirty floor!) My camera on my computer couldn’t capture all of the dinosaurs that I made, and I’m not that great of a photographer so I was only able to get just the top half of it. I must say, I’m rather happy about how well they turned out, if I do say so myself!

Like I said, I’ll let you all know through a comment or in a different post how well Max liked it!

God bless!