Going to New Heights… Literally

Greetings from a super sore girl!

Not only am I recovering from Monday’s 5 mile jaunt, but I had the most interesting experience yesterday afternoon as I was helping my cousin set up for her wedding reception in her fiancé’s barn…

To start out, I’m really not a well-balanced person. At all. Tell me to do a lunge, and I’ll lose my balance after ten seconds.

Secondly, (is that even a word..? It is now!) when it comes to heights I get a bit dizzy. Its not that I’m really scared or anything I just don’t think my brain can handle the rise in elevation. Don’t know why, but it just can’t.

Well. Of course my cousin, Beth, calls me up yesterday to help her string Christmas lights high up in the rafters of the (approx.) 20 ft. high barn. I’m the one who likes to think I’m brave and awesome when really, I’m shaking out of my shoes!

So I get over there and we monkey our way up this platform thingy that’s held together by  metal poles, and all the way to the top where there’s a board around 5 feet long and only a foot wide. Yeah. So not only did we have to string up the lights, but put the bulbs in as well.

No, I’m not typing this in the hospital after plunging to an almost certain death. But I will say I clung on to those poles for dear life for the hour we were up there, ESPECIALLY whenever my other cousin pushed us around all over that barn.  I really didn’t want Beth to have to try hide a body before her wedding, not to mention hiding any stains I might’ve left behind after hitting the concrete floor.

So basically, my calves are super sore from squatting so many different times to miss the countless instances I could have hit my head against those beams. I’ve been walking around today like a wooden soldier!

But it was definitely a new experience and something I wouldn’t advise for the too faint of heart. I feel like got out of my comfort zone (way way WAY out of my comfort zone! haha) while helping another person. So all in all, I feel rather accomplished even though it wasn’t like a did a whole lot.

What about you? Have you tried something that wasn’t within your comfort zone?

Am I the only one whose body just likes to go against the flow of things and messes with you when it comes to heights?

Thanks for reading and can’t wait to hear from you!

All my love,



Chapter 2: Let’s Go!

How’s it going, friends?

I’m sorry it’s been a few days since I’ve last written but I am still here! Quick side note before I jump in: My last day of work went well, though a bit emotional, and I’ve been keeping super busy since (as you’ll notice when you keep reading) so that has helped a ton! Thank you for your thoughts and prayers!

But to get into what’s really on my mind… (drum roll, please)


Yeah. I’m not just talking about the exercise kind of running, either. I’m talking about 7 am wake up and you’re running as soon as your feet touch the ground. You see, my sister and I are volunteering at our church, Sherwood Oaks Christian Church (Bloomington, IN near Indiana University) for VBS and boy… Although I just finished a job working with two year olds, I never knew how crazy church kids could be!

crazy again

I’m talking cheese-its thrown all over the table and floor. And refusing to pick them up. Hitting a volunteer smack dab in the face with a ball. Maneuvering through removable barriers in front of the stage where all the band instruments are to have a miniature concert.

That may not sound too bad but whew.. that’s barely just scratching the surface of the day! So the running just kept going throughout the day…

All the way to the track outside our local YMCA. So here I am, the girl who loves food yet tries to throw in the occasional exercise to make up for what I do eat. So here it is. A Monday. The start of the week to hit it off right. And even though I ate (over!) my share of Arby’s for lunch today I was determined to at least get a little bit of exercise in for the day. As I said, went to the Y and set a goal. Two miles of alternating between running half a mile and walking half a mile. And I discovered something possibly ground breaking for myself and perhaps you:

Set goals you can accomplish. That way, when you are able to surpass your expectations, you will have a confidence boost like no other.

Because you see I did not just two miles. Or three. Or even four. That’s right. I was able to get in FIVE miles, alternating between running half a mile and walking half a mile. And this comes from the girl who hasn’t run like that for at least 6 months. (I will say I have biked pretty consistently so this might factor into how well I did, but still…)

So. If you are at a limbo with some stuff, be it exercise or just what to do with life in general here’s what I learned from today:

Try. Try something new. Try volunteering if you haven’t before. (Beware of church kids 😉 jk! jk!) Try setting small daily goal and watch yourself surpass it! Because if you don’t try, you’ll never know what could be. What chances might open up for you. What accomplishments you’ll make.

Needless to say, I feel excellent about today because I feel like I conquered the world… At least, my world in a sense. No I really don’t know what my next move is job-wise but that’s ok. I have a feeling something will come along and point me in the right direction. But until that happens, I’ll keep my feet going in what I think is the right way and see what happens from there!

So… Let’s go, guys! Let’s try!

Many blessings!


One Day More

Hey guys!

If you are a Les Mis fan, you’ll recognize the title of my post for today. It has a double meaning for me tonight as I’m dreading tomorrow… My last day at a daycare where I’ve been employed  for close to two years now. We are shutting down due to low funds and I’ve already had to say goodbye to around 10-15 kids so far. The rest of my farewells will be tomorrow to approximately 45 kids. And even though I’m ready to move on for several different reasons, I do not want to go through those goodbyes. 

And so, of course, running through my head are the sad songs from the saddest movie/play I’ve ever seen… Les Mis. (I have said in previous blogs most anything in my life I can bring back to something from a movie, book or music!) I can hold my emotions in check pretty well but tonight its been a struggle. 

I am ready to move on but please do keep your thoughts and prayers for me and about 20 other of my fellow employees who will be without a job after tomorrow. Thank you so much!

All my love,


Mermaids Part of Our World?

Hey guys!

Nothing too exciting happened today except for the fact that I keep hearing about this show on Animal Planet called “Mermaids.” If you haven’t had the fortune of hearing or watching the show, the title is self-explanatory. Supposed real footage of mermaids, government conspiracies, ect.

Because of my current busy schedule, I have yet to watch an episode. But a fellow co-worker enlightened me by sharing video ‘footage’ taken from the show and let me tell you… I’m a bit creeped out now.

See, there’s one thing you need to know about me before I continue: I really don’t like fish. They’re rubbery-looking with bulging eyes and… uhg. I can’t even go on without shuddering. The weird thing is, I absolutely love aquariums. Its just those fishtanks from Walmart with the dead ones hanging out at the bottom that make me queasy. That, and the abnormally big ones that don’t belong on this planet. Or anywhere else, for that matter.

There was one time when I went to a lake to go have pictures taken, goldfish came to the edge that were half the size of my leg. No joke, I almost got sick right then and there. But anyway!

So basically one of the videos I saw was of a ‘mermaid’-thought-to-be-seal on a rock right before it literally crawled away into the ocean, tail dragging behind it and all. Do I believe it? Not sure. Am I creeped out? Definitely.

The point isn’t if its real or not… For me, the point is if I’m going to have nightmares about it tonight or not! Even so, my interest is piqued and I am thinking about watching the show.

What do you think? Are mermaids real or is all a hoax?

All my love!


Geek Time!

Hello everyone!

Tonight’s post will be short because sleep is calling me… I just can’t ignore it!

So for this round, I am going to be a geek freak. My apologies. But its not overly done, I promise. So.. here we go.

I have never watched the Star Trek series in my life. But after seeing the first movie from 2009 (I believe…) I have wanted to know everything about it. So yesterday, I basically dragged my mom (the only one willing to see it with me…) to see “Into The Darkness”. I have heard a lot of mixed reviews, as every movie has, but all in all I really enjoyed myself! Maybe it was the slap stick humor that I

Zachary Quinto as Spock in the 2009 Star Trek film

always fall for or the fact that Spock is officially my hero… either way, I’d give it a 9/10. (Considering Kirk’s character is a little bit of a womanizer but I won’t get into that because I still like him, too).

I know I know… I haven’t even seen the original series! And I’ll be getting right on that (if I can find someone willing to loan me their copy..)  with a pretty open summer ahead of me.

Share your thoughts! If you’ve seen the movie(s) let me know what you think of them! (keep in mind, I’m basically a newbie here when it comes to the entirety of ST…)


All my love,



Chapter 1: The Start of the End

The start of the end. Kinda sounds melodramatic, huh? But for me, its true.

This week is my last week of employment for a job I’ve been at for close to two years. I work at a daycare that’s a “benefit” for the nearby hospital’s employees. But because of the economy the way it is, we don’t have enough funding anymore and so the doors will be closing this Friday. After its over, all said and done, ‘see ya later’, ect. I will be leaving with nothing to do. No job to slip right into afterwards. Nothing to really look forward to.

I take that back. I do look forward to what’s coming next… The unknown. At first, to be honest, I was really scared. You see, I’m currently not in college (long story for a different day) and I didn’t go on the hunt for a new job because I’ve got this little feeling like its not the right thing to do. I don’t know why. I’m thinking and hoping against hope that there might be something just right around the corner coming up. I don’t know what that might be. If its a new job, or the urge to get back to school, or something even more exciting, I will take this feeling to be a prospect of adventure coming my way.

This is going to be a somewhat rough week, but I think I’m ready to move on. One door closes, another opens right? I’m certainly going to look at it that way.

All my love,


The Beginning


I am new to the world of blogging. My deepest apologies if I’m not up to the best of standards yet. I’ll attempt to get there as soon as possible!

I suppose for my first post for blogging (which happens to be the exact same for my first page that I’ve written), I would just like to introduce myself. Who I am, who and what I stand for, so on and so forth. Nothing too interesting unless you want to know about me before reading more of my blogs that I’ll be writing (lets see!) daily.

So hello (again!). My name is Hannah Faith Eagan. I am 20 years old with numerous passions. My first and foremost passion is my love for Jesus. You may not know Him. You may. You may not even care. No matter, I love Him and am willing to help out anyone else who wants to know Him.

I love to write. I’ve always had a sort of knack for writing long stories, even at a young age. So for the past two years, I’ve been trying my hand in some serious writing. Hopefully, as time goes on, others will see my potential and I can continue to grow and develop and maybe, just maybe, one day become an author.

I have a love for helping other people feel good about themselves. That may sound strange, but there was a point in my life where I didn’t feel the best about myself. Sometimes I still don’t. But I have come to realize that its ok to love yourself. Not become self-important, of course, but to acknowledge the good attributes you carry and go from there. Keep working hard at changing the rough areas in your life, but don’t beat yourself up for not being ‘perfect’. That will never happen. But laugh. Love. Live. Be the best you.

I am an eater. I have an obsession for anything food-related. That sounds so unhealthy, but I can’t help myself. There are times even

Twix bar Purchased March 2005 in Atlanta, GA, USA
Twix bar Purchased March 2005 in Atlanta, GA, USA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

when I’m on a strict diet for various reasons when I look at a candy bar and for the rest of the day, that candy bar will be all that I think about. Its just in my DNA or something.

Movies, books, and music are things that I get overly attached to. I’m not exaggerating either. There’s too much to say about this subject, so I’ll try to just use examples and be as brief as I can! I just finished watching “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” and right now even as I type, I can’t get over how I really, really wish Jack Sparrow were real. Excuse me, Captain Jack Sparrow. Books are my

Cover of "Catching Fire (The Second Book ...

friends I will never, ever get rid of. I’m currently reading “Catching Fire” by Suzanne Collins for the 4th time and I’ve owned it for just a little over a year. Not to mention three or four people have borrowed it since I’ve had it. And music… Oh goodness, don’t even get me started. I love any and all music so I’ll just leave it at that. I will say this, though before I move on… About 85% of anything that comes out of my mouth could come right back around and be related to books, movies, or music. Yeah… I’m that obsessed.

Well that was just a bit longer than I originally anticipated, but that is only a snippet of who I am. But no worries. You’ll learn much much more about me as I continue with this whole blogging business. And I’m very excited to share!

All the best and thank you so much for reading if you’ve gotten this far! All my love! Hannah

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