Chapter 4: You Can!

Hi, guys! Image

A little motivation for you all today!

For the past three-four weeks I have been trying to fall into a pattern of walking and running and (attempting) to eat healthier. I’m not going totally cold turkey with it, but at least trying to cut back and choose a little more wisely.

Today I stepped up on the scale and to my chagrin, I’ve gained two pounds since last weighing, and I honestly felt like throwing in the towel. I went on my walk/run and ate perfectly the rest of the day and tried to shrug off my disappointment. I was beginning to wonder if it all was even worth it when my mom happened to be flipping through the channels and American Ninja Warrior was on.

I have only heard about the show but never have actually sat down to watch it. I believe I was Imagemeant to watch it tonight, though. A young man, Kyle Cochran, was a competitor through the show and come to find out, he is a diabetic like I am. When it first showed him, I was blown away. For one, he looks amazing. I mean really, he’s in excellent shape!

Through a little background research, I’ve found that Kyle and I aren’t that much different when it comes to diabetes. (That’s about where it ends, though! Ha!). I’ve had several people tell me what they think I can or can’t do. I’ve been told not to eat this, but to only have this. (Not even by doctors mind you…By fellow co-workers of mine). There was once when I was in high school where a girl pointed out that I was eating in class (due to low blood sugar). Thankfully, the rest of the class understood but I felt a bit embarrassed, considering she knew I was even a diabetic.

ImageKyle has had a similar experience, and has determined not to let any of it stop him. To break the barriers between “normal” people and diabetics. To never sit on the sidelines from doing something he wants to do due to the fact that he is a diabetic. (He is a climber, paraglider, skier, soccer player, gymnast, dance and cheer instructor, an active member in his church…yeah.)

To get an idea of how in-shape this guy is, someday check out American Ninja Warrior if you haven’t already. This obstacle course, which for the fit of the fittest, is something I can only admire people for trying. But to have a young man conquer not only the (majority of the) course, but his obstacles with diabetes makes me all the more inspired, and truly proud of him for going out there with a vengeance!

Even if you’re not a diabetic but struggle with staying on track of being healthier, let this be an inspiration for you. If you are a diabetic and have been held back by the label like so many of us, let this be an inspiration to you. If you are someone who is letting something hold you back from fulfilling your dreams… Let this be an inspiration to you.

Because what I have learned from Kyle’s story is that we can. I can work hard to obtain my goals, not only health wise but future goals as well. You can do the same.

I strongly encourage you to check out more of his story, and hope that this was as great of encouragement for you as it was for me!




Kentucky Kinfolk

Hello, everyone! 

Yesterday my mom and I just returned from a three day family reunion in Danville, Kentucky. And like all family you have the funny, the nutty, the good ole stick in the mud (I say this lightly because its very rare in my crazy, chaotic family!), and of course, the wild. And by wild, I’m talking about Turtle Man from the show ‘Call of the Wild Man!’ Heard of it before? Yeah, me either until I met him a year ago. 

ImageLast year (our first year staying in Danville) there was a crazy rumor that the Turtle Man and his crew were staying at the same hotel me and my family were. Who in the world is Turtle Man? Some poor, pitiful mascot dressed up in a turtle suit? And then… there he was. In the lobby. My family and I went to him like magnets, drawn by his boisterous manner and famous cry of “Ei-ei-ei-ei!” 

And just like that, Mr. Turtle Man gained about 40 fans. He swept my aunt up off her feet when


 she asked for a picture and signed my little cousin’s dollar bill. Somehow I nudged my way into a picture with him and my two cousins and now I am proud to say that I’ve met a “famous” person.

That weekend we bumped into his crew and fellow companion, Neal (I believe he calls himself occasionally ‘Banjo Man’…) and we all joked that we’re one big happy family now! 

ImageSo this past weekend, we had the pleasure of running into Neal again, and enjoyed a morning’s breakfast with him and his crew. Turtle Man, unfortunately, wasn’t able to join us, but Neal did remember that crazy Anderson family from last year. He was so sweet and easy-going, and we’re all excited for next year to see our Kentucky Kinfolk again! 

Live Action!


Warm Bodies Warms the Heart?

Hey, everyone! Another movie to discuss for tonight!

I am not a Zombie person. I’m not into the gore or the concept behind it… Eating people? That’s just sick.

But boy, do I fall for the romance.

My zombie-loving cousin convinced me to join him in watching “Warm Bodies” tonight which I was a bit hesitant about. But I couldn’t deny the fact that I was just a tad bit interested due to the fact that there was a sensitive-protective-romantic guy as the main character… Aside from the fact that he is a zombie.

If you’re like me and prefer the tug-on-your-heartstrings kind of love over cannibalism (would it still be considered that in this case…? oh well), this movie could still be for you. If you can get past the occasional brain-eating scenes (which really aren’t too bad), then the concept of the whole storyline is actually cute.

I will admit… I was taken with the main character “R”, (portrayed by Nicholas Hault), and how deeply rooted he was to protecting and loving second main character, Julie (Teresa Palmer). As I tend to do, I became all but enamored with the sensitive male character -in this case, R- and was drawn to what he stood for.

What could a Zombie possibly stand for and represent? As cheesy as it may sound (ok, yeah it does sound pretty cheesy…) love. He fought against the odds to not only stay with Julie but to become someone again, someone he wasn’t ashamed of. I was actually reminded through this zombie-apocolypse film that much can be conquered through love, and when it comes right down to it, if you have love you have everything. Yeah… I’m all for those types of movies.

Zombie film or not, I was a goner whenever R made his intentions clear towards Julie (which actually happened a few different times, so my heart ended up melting quite a lot in the span of the full movie). I also fall for the great one-liners or witty slap-stick comedy, and Warm Bodies actually kept up a light-hearted sort of pace, amidst the occasional serious moment.

So, all in all, I’ll readily admit that I enjoyed myself while watching Warm Bodies. I’m glad I was open    enough to watch it and am actually tempted to go and buy the dvd soon.

And yes… Warm Bodies did indeed end up warming my heart.



Chapter 3: Let’s Go to the Movies!

Hi, everyone! I know I haven’t posted for a few days and I’m truly sorry! But here I am, and I’m excited to dig into today’s topic!

My family and I have the pleasure of living only a mile and a half away from a drive-in theater. If you never have experienced a drive-in, it is definitely worth the bugs and occasional humid conditions to at least go once.

Last week as I was passing by, I saw on the drive-in’s sign that the new “Man of Steel” and “Star Trek: Into Darkness” were going to double feature, and I’m not joking when I say that I screamed because I was so excited! ImageFirst of all, I fell in love with Star Trek: Into Darkness when I first watched it with my mom a few weeks ago and second, Man of Steel was something I have been anxious to see as soon as I first heard about it. I mean come on… Its Superman!

So I convinced my cousin to come with me and let’s just say I was a bit overly anxious… We got there two hours before the drive-in even opened. Yeah. Pathetic, right? (But give me this, I didn’t know it opened at 8, not 7 like I originally thought so partially not my fault.) But still, we sat there until the owner waved for me to pull forward to lead the line of two cars into that beautiful field so we could wait another two hours before it got dark outside.

My poor cousin… He handled it all without complaint, although he was getting pretty hot. But the poor kid had to sit with me for four hours before Superman even started! He may need some therapy.

Despite my window shield being unbearably foggy and the mosquitos -who were having a buffet on my feet-, I had a blast! Three 16-oz cans of diet Mountain Dew kept me running through both movies until 2:30 am this morning when I got home, and I wish I could do it all over again! Yes, even the four hours of worthless waiting that I did. (Hey I thought all the geeks like me would flock to such a showing!)

I really enjoyed Man of Steel and have discovered one my new favorite super heroes (no one can top Batman for me…But Mr. Kent was pretty darn close). To me, the visual effects were amazing (but it really doesn’t take a lot to amaze me) and the story line was pretty interesting and easy to follow. I thoroughly enjoyed Henry Caville’s depiction of Clark Kent/ Cal-el/Superman, along with the supporting actors of Amy Adams (Lois Lane), Russell Crowe (Superman’s father), and Kevin Costner (Superman’s human father). I was touched not only by Mr. Kent’s love for humanity but by the paths he took, the questions he asked, the determination he possessed as he grew to who we see as Superman.  I have already heard the typical mixed reviews for this movie, but I think you gotta see it for yourself to develop your own opinion. I personally think it was a good starter for the (more than likely) other Superman movies that will follow along after.

And then re-watching Star Trek last night… this morning… whenever that was… just gave me a firmer Imageresolve in my love for the characters and, of course, Spock and Kirk’s amazing bromance they have going on. I just can’t get enough of it, and I’m sorry. If I could just give them both a hug, though, my life would be complete. That entire movie is incredible and I am on the edge of my seat (already!) waiting for it to come out on DVD and I’m also anxious to hear when and if there will be more movies (There will be more, right? There has to be!)

Have you gone to see either movie yet? Like them as much as me? Have you had any fun experiences at a drive-in theater? Share your thoughts! Always love to hear from you all!

Thanks for reading and much love!


On a Serious Note

Hello, everyone.

I’m sad to say that my thoughts for this evening have been focused on a local kidnapping and murder. Although I have never met the young victim, she was close to my age and being nearby made it that more difficult for me to swallow.

From my understanding, she was out walking -which I daily do as well- when two men (whom she knew) offered to give her a ride. She accepted and from there, the heinous crime was committed.

I’m sorry that this turned out to be nothing more than a depressing post but I just wanted to share so you could keep Katelyn Wolfe’s family in your thoughts and prayers. She was certainly all I thought about during my 2 and a half mile walk/run this afternoon.

All my love!


Ready for a Challenge?

Hey guys!

Since becoming recently unemployed, I’ve given myself mini challenges to complete in a matter of time… Be it days, weeks, etc. Partially to grow and enhance myself as a person, partially because I’m bored…. And so I thought I’d let you guys in on one of the challenges and see if YOU can complete it!

I have a list of 50 words. Hard words. Words I’ve never used in my life, and have the most difficult time pronouncing. In 50 days, see if you can use all of them. That’s it. But beware, its a little challenging! Have fun! (And if you’ve used any of these words before, good for you! You are officially my hero!)

1. Foibles– minor weakness or failing character, slight flaw or defect

2. Superflous- being more than is sufficient or required; excessive, unnecessary or needless

3. Abscond- to depart secretly

4. Caterwaul- to make harsh cry or screech

5. Chicanery- the use of trickery to deceive

6. Recalcitrant- resistant of authority or control, not obedient or compliant, refractory

7. Roborant- restoring strength or vigor

8. Nympholepsy- a frenzy of emotion as for something unattainable

9. Satori- sudden enlightenment

10. Sward- the grassy surface of land; turf

11. Propinquity- Nearness in place, proximity. Nearness of relation, kinship

12. Askance- with suspicion, mistrust or disapproval

13. Lummox- clumsy, stupid

14. Beserk- violently or destructively frenzied, wild, crazed, deranged

15. Milieu- surrounding, especially of a social or culture nature

16. Thanatopis- a view or contemplation of death

17. Mendocity- a tendency to lie, untruthfulness

18. Eidolon- a phantom, apparition

19. Teratuid- resembling a monster

20. Pyrric- victory gained at considerable cost

21. Delate- to inform against; denounce or accuse

22. Acephalous- without a leader or ruler

23. Recusant- a person who refuses to submit, comply

24. Assoil- to absolve, acquit, pardon

25. Demulcent- soothing or mollifying, as a medicinal substance

26. Fulgurant- flashing, like lightning

27. Draggle- to soil by dragging over damp ground or in mud

28. Tardigrade- slow in pace or movement

29. Fracas- a noisy disorderly disturbance or fight; uproar

30. Hamartia- tragic flaw

31. Refractory- hard or impossible to manage, stubbornly disobedient

32. Utile- useful

33. Bungle- to do clumsily or awkwardly

34. Mordacious- sharp or caustic, biting

35. Spang- directly, exactly

36. Logomachy- a dispute about or concerning words

37. Paltry- ridiculous or insultingly small

38. Pernicious- causing insidious harm or ruin, hurtful

39. Swivet- a state of nervous excitement; haste or anxiety, to flutter

40. Tranche- any part, division or installment

41. Spelunk- to explore caves, especially as a hobby

42. Statuesque- like or suggesting a statue, as in massive or majestic dignity, grace or beauty

43. Petrichor- the smell of earth after rain

44. Deterrent- to discourage or restrain

45. Inundate- to flood, cover or overspread with water

46. Innocuous- not harmful or injurious, harmless. Not likely to irritate or offend

47. Yaff- to bark, yell

48. Orts- a scrap or morsel of food left at a meal

49. Ninnyhammer- a fool or simpleton, ninny

50. Aleatory- pertaining to accidental causes of luck or chance

Good luck!

Love, Hannah


I am in love with Kirsty Mitchell’s photo shoot titled “Wonderland.” It is not only clearly beautiful, whimsical and entrancing but I find myself inspired by the collection. Image Her intricate piecing of the props, costumes and even nature itself alongside each of the models is truly breathtaking. It motivates me as a potential author to make my own work worthwhile and beautiful. Even though my (in the making) books have nothing to do with fairytales or Imagefanciful wonderings that her photography entices, I do feel compelled to expand my horizons imaginatively-speaking and make my stories the best they can be. 

Her work reminds me of what dreams and goals should look like: Something lovely and yet seemingly impossible at the same time. But that which is seemingly impossible makes it worth all the while to accomplish. 

Kirsty Mitchell’s backstory for this particular collection is touching, as well. Her mother, who died due to a brain tumor, was an English teacher and touched her pupils, (and obviously Kirsty as well) profusely through her stories and plays. In turn, “Wonderland” is Kirsty’s memorial for her. 

Image For more of her collections, and for more images from “Wonderland”, check out her website I hope her photos and story has encouraged  and inspired you just as much as it has touched me. 

Much love!


The greatest site in all the land!