Chapter 3: Let’s Go to the Movies!

Hi, everyone! I know I haven’t posted for a few days and I’m truly sorry! But here I am, and I’m excited to dig into today’s topic!

My family and I have the pleasure of living only a mile and a half away from a drive-in theater. If you never have experienced a drive-in, it is definitely worth the bugs and occasional humid conditions to at least go once.

Last week as I was passing by, I saw on the drive-in’s sign that the new “Man of Steel” and “Star Trek: Into Darkness” were going to double feature, and I’m not joking when I say that I screamed because I was so excited! ImageFirst of all, I fell in love with Star Trek: Into Darkness when I first watched it with my mom a few weeks ago and second, Man of Steel was something I have been anxious to see as soon as I first heard about it. I mean come on… Its Superman!

So I convinced my cousin to come with me and let’s just say I was a bit overly anxious… We got there two hours before the drive-in even opened. Yeah. Pathetic, right? (But give me this, I didn’t know it opened at 8, not 7 like I originally thought so partially not my fault.) But still, we sat there until the owner waved for me to pull forward to lead the line of two cars into that beautiful field so we could wait another two hours before it got dark outside.

My poor cousin… He handled it all without complaint, although he was getting pretty hot. But the poor kid had to sit with me for four hours before Superman even started! He may need some therapy.

Despite my window shield being unbearably foggy and the mosquitos -who were having a buffet on my feet-, I had a blast! Three 16-oz cans of diet Mountain Dew kept me running through both movies until 2:30 am this morning when I got home, and I wish I could do it all over again! Yes, even the four hours of worthless waiting that I did. (Hey I thought all the geeks like me would flock to such a showing!)

I really enjoyed Man of Steel and have discovered one my new favorite super heroes (no one can top Batman for me…But Mr. Kent was pretty darn close). To me, the visual effects were amazing (but it really doesn’t take a lot to amaze me) and the story line was pretty interesting and easy to follow. I thoroughly enjoyed Henry Caville’s depiction of Clark Kent/ Cal-el/Superman, along with the supporting actors of Amy Adams (Lois Lane), Russell Crowe (Superman’s father), and Kevin Costner (Superman’s human father). I was touched not only by Mr. Kent’s love for humanity but by the paths he took, the questions he asked, the determination he possessed as he grew to who we see as Superman.  I have already heard the typical mixed reviews for this movie, but I think you gotta see it for yourself to develop your own opinion. I personally think it was a good starter for the (more than likely) other Superman movies that will follow along after.

And then re-watching Star Trek last night… this morning… whenever that was… just gave me a firmer Imageresolve in my love for the characters and, of course, Spock and Kirk’s amazing bromance they have going on. I just can’t get enough of it, and I’m sorry. If I could just give them both a hug, though, my life would be complete. That entire movie is incredible and I am on the edge of my seat (already!) waiting for it to come out on DVD and I’m also anxious to hear when and if there will be more movies (There will be more, right? There has to be!)

Have you gone to see either movie yet? Like them as much as me? Have you had any fun experiences at a drive-in theater? Share your thoughts! Always love to hear from you all!

Thanks for reading and much love!



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